Spanish Lessons – Regular Rate


Normal Rate: $20/Hour (Monthly Membership: $10/Hour)

To become a Monthly Member (40$/month) and pay only $10/hour:

Study Spanish with native Colombians and have a meaningful cultural exchange from the comfort of your home. The classes are:
  • For 6 hour packages (if you buy 1 for 120$ that means 6 hours of lessons)
  • Carried out with the ACA method
  • Completely conversational
Also, while you are learning you will be helping children and families in Colombia who need it most!

Half off for our Monthly Members!

To become a Monthly Member (40$/month) and pay only $10/hour:


We offer hourly Spanish lessons with Colombian natives for anyone who is interested in learning this language and also wants to help a good cause with their contribution. These classes will be focused on using the ACA method whose long-term effect on learning any language is considerably effective. Our teaching process is based on the i+1 system, that is, systematically atomic, so that you learn everything that allows you to think in Spanish. If you join our class you will have native people from Colombia who will guide you throughout the process during classes in conversational mode and you will be able to enrich yourself by having a cultural exchange from the comfort of your home. Also, remember that while you learn you are also helping children and families who need it most in Colombia by providing them with quality education and a better lifestyle. If you are interested in learning Spanish do it with us and help us change the world!